Saturday, December 3, 2011

Incorporating Podcasts in Teaching

Through the evolution of media and broadcasting and how one can access it via the Internet, podcasting has become a very popular method of obtaining and listening to news through digital files.  Using podcasts in your classroom, is a great way to bring current events to your students.  Especially in a Spanish classroom, it's important to show how prominent of a role Spanish plays not only in Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world, but in the U.S. as well. In this regard, I was able to find a podcast off of NPR (National Public Radio) that relates to Latinos who live in the United States: The Price of Intolerance.

This podcast addresses the recent anti-immigration law that has been implemented in Alabama, known as HB-56, and how it has affected the Spanish immigrants that live there.  I feel that this is an important issue to address because this concept of "anti-immigration" and the creation of laws is catching on in states across the country.  Incorporating this podcast into a cultural lesson, which relates to Hispanic culture in the United States, will help my students broaden their cultural perspective.  Also, it will bring to light important current events that are shaping our country's future.  Specifically with the students and the age group I work with, expanding their sphere of understanding of the world and what is happening around them, is going to be beneficial.  What I think is really cool and attention-grabbing is the fact that this podcast uses personal narratives to add to the validity of what is being reported.  In this sense, I feel that my students will be able to make that personal connection and relate more to the issue at hand.          

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  1. What a timely podcast! I think it may give your students new perspectives on an important present day issue in the U.S.